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And not all health care providers are giving you the facts about what's possible for you and your baby.


Today’s maternity system is based on fear of what might go wrong

instead of

supporting what’s possible and what our bodies are designed to do.


Your birth can be joyful and empowering.

Take charge of your pregnancy, birth and precious early months with
your newborn with the five essentials outlined below.

  • #1

    The Dance of Birth & Hormones

    Learn the power of your own body and understand that birth is not meant to be managed, it is meant to proceed without interference and allow the powerful hormonal process to unfold, supporting the physical and emotional well being of you and your child.

  • #2

    The SACRED™ Pathway

    The steps in this pathway begin with Stillness. Here you learn how to use specific breathing techniques and intuition-led exercises to calm the nervous system and prepare your body for a peaceful labor and delivery months before birthday.

  • #3

    Resilience & Response-Ability

    Pregnancy and birthing are a time of big life change. Big life changes are stressful.  It takes time and practice to develop the skill to respond to your life instead of just reacting. Learn the 3 daily practices that help you develop the skills to respond to your life instead of just reacting.

  • #4

    TEAM- The Concentric Circle of Support

    Learn the importance of aligning your vision with a team of caring professionals. Your doula, midwife or doctor and others are the team you choose prenatally and understand your wishes, concerns and collaborate with you in support of your amazing birth journey.

  • #5

    Critical Health Basics

    Did you know that how you sleep and when you sleep is also related to how and what you eat?  Exercise.  Emotional support.  Work-life balance.  These are all interconnected. You will learn how to determine and activate the healthiest choices for yourself through each trimester.

Sanctuary Birthing helps you prepare for your birth in the hospital,
birth center, or setting of your choice.

We offer each woman in depth online coaching and support for pregnancy,
birth preparation and the transition into parenting.

Meet Instructor, Licensed Midwife & Co-Owner
of Sanctuary Birthing

Jae Rowan

JAE ROWAN, is a certified Professional Midwife, Oregon Licensed Midwife she began her study of midwifery in 1985. She has attended 100’s of births over the last 31 years. Her path as a woman and mother has been intertwined with her study of yoga, midwifery, parenting, and communication, skills that she brings to the care she provides to families. Jae learned that pregnancy and birth are normal and natural processes from her grandmother, who birthed 13 children at home.
Jae believes that the way we bond to our baby during pregnancy and the way we birth set a foundation for the life of our child and for our life as a mother. She is certified in Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Massage along with personalized prenatal, birth preparation and
early parenting coaching.


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